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Animals - camouflage

Animals - camouflage - Leopard, Chameleon, Green turtle, Pearl-spotted Owlet , Bighorn Sheep, Orange Oakleaf, Gray tree frog, Wolf spider, Leaf insects, Red-crowned Crane, Crabs, Sage-grouse, Longlure frogfish, Klipspringer, Nubian ibex, Rhinoceros viper, Marine Iguana, Lappet , Common Cuttlefish, Gray Cracker, Buff-tip, Giant Leaf-tail Gecko, Desert horned lizard, Mountain Hare, Tassled scorpionfish, Tulip-tree beauty, White Underwing, White-tailed Ptarmigan, Leaf Katydid, Leaf-mimicking katydid, Pygmy seahorse, Tobacco hornworm, Turbot

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Turbot - photos, Psetta maxima

Tobacco hornworm - photos, Manduca sexta

Pygmy seahorse  - pictures

Leaf-mimicking katydid - photos, Pterochrozini

Leaf Katydid - photos, Tettigoniidae

White-tailed Ptarmigan - photos, Lagopus leucura

White Underwing - photos, Catocala relicta

Tulip-tree beauty - photos, Epimecis hortaria

Tassled scorpionfish - photos, Scorpaenopsis oxycephala

Mountain Hare - photos, Lepus timidus

Desert horned lizard - photos, Phrynosoma platyrhinos

Giant Leaf-tail Gecko - photos, Uroplatus fimbriatus

Buff-tip - photos, Phalera bucephala

Gray Cracker - photos, Hamadryas februa

Common Cuttlefish  - pictures, Sepia officinalis

Lappet  - photos, Gastropacha quercifolia

Marine Iguana - photos, Amblyrhynchus cristatus

Rhinoceros viper - photos, Bitis nasicornis

Nubian ibex - photos, Capra nubiana

Klipspringer - photos, Oreotragus oreotragus

Longlure frogfish - photos, Antennarius multiocellatus

Sage-grouse  - pictures

Crabs - nature photography

Red-crowned Crane - photos, Grus japonensis

Leaf insects - photos, Phylliidae

Wolf spider - photos

Gray tree frog - photos, Hyla versicolor

Orange Oakleaf - nature photography

Bighorn Sheep - photography

Pearl-spotted Owlet  - photos, Glaucidium perlatum

Green turtle  - pictures

Chameleon - photos, Chamaeleonidae

Leopard - photos, Panthera pardus

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